Welcome to the Faculty of Chemistry

Ranked as a member of the Excellence Group by the Centre for Higher Education Development in 2010, and as a KNOW – a Leading National Research Centre - by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education in 2012, the Faculty of Chemistry of the Jagiellonian University is an exciting place to study and research chemistry.

The Faculty offers a range of undergraduate and graduate student programmes, coupled with research that spans all major sub-disciplines of chemistry as well as emerging interdisciplinary fields.

We invite you to browse our website and welcome inquiries for further information.

Quick facts:

  • Teaching and research work is organized at the Faculty within twelve Departments.
  • Currently, 184 academic teachers work at the Faculty, among them the number of the senior academic staff (full professors, associate professors, doctores habilitati and active emeriti professors) amounts to 78.
  • The Faculty awards licentiate, MSc, PhD and Doctor habilitatus degrees.
  • Three main courses of study offered by the Faculty include: chemistry, environmental studies and medical chemistry. Other fields of study taught jointly with other Faculties, include: advanced materials and nanotechnology, mathematics and natural sciences, and biochemistry. PhD programmes offered at the Faculty include chemistry, and materials engineering (in collaboration with the Polish Academy of Sciences). The Faculty also offers two postgraduate courses of study: "Chemistry for chemistry teachers", and "Modern analytical techniques in conservation of cultural heritage objects".
  • The total number of students at licentiate, MSc and PhD levels amounts to 1300 on average every year.
  • Modern instrumentation to support research efforts in all major sub-disciplines of chemistry (analytical, inorganic, organic, physical, theoretical, biological, chemical technology, crystallochemistry) as well as in chemistry-related interdisciplinary areas is available at the Faculty. Our research infrastructure has now undergone a substantial expansion and modernization thanks to recent funding successes from the European Regional Development Fund.
  • The first chair of chemistry in the Jagiellonian University was established at 1782. Originally part of other Faculties (Medicine, Philosophy, and Math-Phys-Chem), in 1981 the chair was upgraded to an independent Faculty of Chemistry. The best known chemists who have worked at the Jagiellonian University are: Karol Olszewski (1846-1915), who was the first to liquefy oxygen, nitrogen and carbon monoxide, and Bohdan Szyszkowski (1873-1931) known for formulating the equation that correlates surface tension and concentration. more (in Polish)

Dean and vice-Deans


Professor Piotr Kuśtrowski
E-mail: piotr.kustrowski@uj.edu.pl
Tel.+48-12-6862601, +48-12-6862415
Office hours (office C0-05):
Tuesday 1 pm-2 pm
Thursday 1 pm-2 pm

Vice-Dean for General Affairs

Jolanta Kochana, Dr habil
E-mail: : jolanta.kochana@uj.edu.pl
Tel. +48-12-6862770, +48-12- 6862418
Office hours (office C0-07):
Tuesday 11 am-1 pm

Vice-Dean for Research and Cooperation

Professor Wojciech Macyk
E-mail: macyk@chemia.uj.edu.pl
Tel. +48-12-6862770, +48-12- 6862494
Office hours (office C0-11):
Monday 9 am-11 am

Vice-Dean for Learning and Teaching

Andrzej Eilmes, Dr habil
E-mail: eilmes@chemia.uj.edu.pl
Tel. +48-12-6862758, +48-12- 6862377
Office hours (office D0-03):
Monday 8.30 am-10 am
Wednesday 8.30 am-10 am
Thursday 2 pm-3 pm





Careers and Promotion Office

Careers and Promotion Office serves two functions: assisting students and graduates of our Faculty with a successful start out of their careers on the job market, both home and international, and promoting the Faculty among prospective students and research workers. For that the Office offers consultations to the graduates as well as actively supports events, such as Educational Fairs, University Open Days, Science Festivals, Nights of Scientists, and various academic meetings. Contact information.

ProChemia Foundation

The aim of the ProChemia Foundation is to support the Faculty and promote it in Poland and abroad. The Foundation takes resources from business activity. It also receives funding in the form of donations and subsidies from individuals, corporations, and foundations in Poland and abroad. Any person or institution desiring to support the Foundation may join. Contact information.


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Faculty of Chemistry,
30-387 Kraków
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office C0-03;
Tel: +48-12-6862770,
Fax: +48-12-6862750,
Head of office:
Agnieszka Sobejko,

Office for Student Affairs:
Faculty of Chemistry,
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